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Point of interest
Madison Beer, 17 year-old singer, gained media attention after pop star Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a video of her singing. Here is in exclusivity her first clothing line with JOJU.
Born in the 90s, Sandy Dly shares on her Instagram fashion, beauty and lifestyle pictures. She counts over 200,000 followers on her account.
Zoé, aka Juste Zoé is a French Fashion, lifestyle and beauty Youtuber. She is only 15 and counts already 500,000 subscribers on her channel.
D'pendanse est la troupe formée par Maxime Dereymez, réunissant les danseurs de Danse avec les Stars sur TF1. Ils reunissent plus de 1,3 million de followers sur Instagram.
Meet Ellie Bullen, aka Elsa's Wholesome Life, through an exclusive clothing collection with JOJU. You might recognise her from one of the most colourful and inviting feeds on Instagram, the feed that’s filled with ravishing raw treats and wholesome vegetarian dishes.
JOJU propose you a quirky & funny Christmas Collection.
The main philosophy of Ester's work is to find the balance between people and natural environment inside a picture. Living in the Canary Islands has been helpful, thanks to the great variety of natural landscape. She counts more than 197.000 followers on Instagram.
Winner of the French TV reality show Secret Story, Emilie Nef Naf is an accomplished mom. She is about to unveil her exclusive collection with JOJU.
This is with 8 designs and as many punchlines escaped from an infinite Tumblr that HolyCamille shares with us her loves, re-interpreting her tattoos or invoking universes that inspired her. Discover Holycamille through a collection as "badass" as uninhibited.
This collection has been influenced by the time when the Mod's and Rockers clashed in England. The confrontation was sometimes violent but mostly allowed to contrast two styles, two ideals: A more aesthetic, studious one and a crazy, more subversive one.
Alex's Closet, French fashion and beauty blogger, reveals some of her favorite outfit ideas through a collection she created with JOJU. A sober and minimalist collection close to what she loves.
Marion releases her collection with a taste of bagels and flowers, designed by Ectomorphe. Passionate about fashion and travels, she is constantly inspiring herself from things around her.
Tilda has a burning passion for creating plant-based dishes and shares her experiments with you on social media. She relies on wholesome foods to fuel her body and help her be the best version of herself. 50% of her profits will be given to Doctors without boarders.
Former graphic designer, it is with great enthusiasm that Noémie, author of the Paris By Vegan blog, created this collection from which 50% of the profit share is going to "La Ferme des rescapés" rescue centre, healing and receiving mistreated animals.
Tatiana, aka Tinkabebeauty is a French fashion, beauty and lifestyle Youtuber. She counts over 210,000 subscribers on her channel.
Estelle, French beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, was inspired by astronomy and her own vision of life to create a separate collection. A world we cannot reach.
Sharing on their respective blogs and social media their cruches, beauty tips and detailed outfit looks, Malika & Monira, stylish twin sisters, offer you their exclusive capsule collection.
Rock'n Roll lovers, this collection has been made for you ! Marion, passionate about fashion and great rock bands such as AC/DC, decided to share with you her passions through energetic designs to create an entire collection that will add some spice to any outfit !
Caroline, 26 y/o and fashion blogger counts overs 92 000 subscribers on her Instagram account. Thanks to her blog "Pardon my Obsession", Caroline propels us into her stylish, natural and chic universe.
A very girly collection, in which the French style and the Italian taste merge into a new concept of femininity. A sport-chic collection, sometimes playful and vaguely alluding to the famous and unforgettable 90s. Maria, "La Coquette Italienne".
Audrey aka Marshmaloo running perfectly social media like Youtube & Instagram. She is true and fair and we love it !
Caroline Roxy is a stylish Swedish triple threat: blogger, model, and fashion designer. Strong and independant business women, she wanted to share with us her passions through a fearless collection.
Barbora, aka Fashioninmysoul on Instagram, was born 18 years ago in Czech Republic and created the Fashion blog Voguehaus, in 2011.
Russian Tanya Rybakova, 25, is a lifestyle, nutrition and fitness blogger with 320,000 YouTube fans. After dropping 8st 9lb she decided to become a personal coach and nutritionist.
Both passionate about fashion, Alice and Js created the blog "J'aime tout chez toi". Here, they share their fashion crushes, desires and their Parisian daily life.
Karolin Lisa is a 24 years old Swedish influencer who loves to share her outfit of the day and her workout sessions.
This stylish young Mum shares her love for kids through her beautiful blog & Instagram account.
Elena Carriere's collection is full of good mood, emojis & food without limit !
This beautiful Brazilian girl immerses us in her "Hype" & "Luxurous" univers. Her collection is inspired of army crests because she is a fashion warrior.
Kasia is a famous fashion blogger from Austria, her style is a mix between streetwear & luxury.