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General terms and conditions
1. Identification of the seller

Seller and editor:


SAS with a 1 000 € capital

50, avenue Victor Hugo - 93300 AUBERVILLIERS

RCS de BOBIGNY n°809 999 071

Publication manager: JMC INVEST


These general conditions of sale are concluded between, on the one hand, the JMC INVEST company that broadcasts the Joju brand (named for the remaining time "" or "Joju") SAS, whose headquarters 50, avenue Victor Hugo - 93300 AUBERVILLIERS, registered with the RCS Bobigny under number 809 999 071 and users who wish to make a purchase on the website "Joju" available at: hereinafter referred to as the "Customer".

The site is a retail site. For sale called "wholesale", we invite you to contact the company JMC INVEST.

The products presented on this site are offered for sale in the stocks and exclusively to METROPOLITAN FRANCE.

The customer wishing to benefit from offers of Joju has, prior to the order process to create an account by entering their email address and choosing a password.

Registration is free. The Customer must provide certain personal information and data to register as a member of the site. It shall ensure that the information and personal data is complete, accurate and current. Joju reserves the right to ask the customer to confirm his identity and information provided. A member may only open one account on the site.

Customers undertake to safeguard the confidentiality of the password and not disclose it to third parties. Using the email address associated with the Customer password argues a site use by the Client and under his responsibility.

These general conditions of sale of the company define the rights and obligations of the parties under the sale of goods by the Site Customers.

These terms represent all obligations of the parties.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by this contract, excluding any other conditions, including those applicable to in-store sales, or sales through other distribution channels.

Joju reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these conditions.

If modified, it will be applied to each order the conditions prevailing at the date of the order.

If a condition is found to be lacking, it would be regarded as governed by the procedures in force in the distance selling sector, in accordance with French law that will be applicable only.

The Customer must be:

• be a natural person over 18 years and have full legal capacity to contract;

• is an individual under the age of 18 and be emancipated;

3. Products and availability

Joju offering for sale of products ready-to-wear, designer items and fashion accessories.

The product offers and prices are valid until they are visible on the site, and while supplies last.

Joju not in any way guarantee the availability of any product for sale for a specified period. undertakes to notify by email or telephone any customer who has ordered an unavailable product.

In no way, the Customer can not engage the responsibility of Joju assuming it would have validated the ordered an unavailable product.

If the amount of a debit order on an unavailable product, Joju engages in a period of 30 (thirty) days at the option of the Customer, or refund the Customer or to issue him a credit in the amount of his order.

If out of stock of one of the products of an order comprising several products, Joju ships the rest of the order.

Pursuant to Article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, Joju strives to present best the essential characteristics of the products offered for sale on the site Joju reserves the right to alter the mix products according to particular constraints related to its suppliers.

The information and characteristics are those provided by suppliers.

All products sold by Joju on the site are new and comply with the legislation of the European community in force and standards applicable in France.

Joju made all reasonable efforts to accurately display the characteristics of the products, including their composition and colors. The color that the customer sees will depend on the computer system, and Joju can not guarantee that the Customer's computer will display exactly the exact colors of the products.

4. Conformity of control

The products offered for sale are presented and detailed with the greatest possible accuracy. The information listed on each sheet are provided to those Joju by the suppliers from which they are acquired.

However, the responsibility for Joju can not be held for any error or omission in the description of the products. The photographs illustrating the products on sale are out of contract.

In case of non-compliance of the product delivered to the Customer, the latter may return it to Joju within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days and may request:

• either to be delivered of a product identical to the one ordered in the stocks,

• or to be reimbursed the product price or service within 30 (thirty) days of the request.

The cost of return of nonconforming product and the possible delivery of another product will be borne by Joju.

These provisions do not deprive the customer of his right of withdrawal as guaranteed in Article 6.

5. Ordering and Payment

Once selected products, the Customer must:

• If it is already Client Joju: contact form to specifying only their email address and password that was communicated to him at the first command;

• If it is new Client Joju: fill out the form by indicating its full name, contact information, email address. A password is then requested. The Client is free to change this password.

• A summary of the order is indicated to the Customer and the postage. It must click on the icon "Checkout" to continue his order and accepts fully and without reservation all the present General Conditions of Sale.

• The client then accesses a page where he must specify his delivery and billing address and advising their payment information. Customer must click on the icon "pay by CB" or "pay by paypal" and fill in the secure payment form "Ingenico" or "Paypal" of his order.

The Customer warrants that it is fully authorized to use the payment card or Paypal account for the payment of his order, and these payment methods provide access to sufficient funds to cover all costs of using services Joju .

To ensure the security of payments, Joju uses the secure payment service Ingenco. Confidential data is directly transmitted to the relevant payment platforms without passing through servers Joju. disclaims any responsibility in case of dispute between the Client and societies "Paypal" and "Ingenico".

When the order is finalized, Customer confirms the order by sending an email summary.

6. Prices

The price of products is displayed in Euros. VAT is included in the price displayed at the rate in force in France for the products concerned.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping fees are calculated separately and displayed at the time of ordering.

At the time the order summary display, the total price will be displayed with the cost of delivery.

The applicable price is that indicated on the site at the date of the order by the Customer.

Prices shown on the website are only valid for sales made on the site and despite the vigilance of Joju teams, it is possible that occur on the pricing errors of this site, whatever the reason (bug computer, manual error, technical error ...). If orders were placed to erroneous or manifestly ridiculous price (low price), the orders will be canceled, even if they had been validated by the seller at the time of placing the order. Any customer concerned shall be informed promptly, in order to be able, if they wish, to iron his order corrected and exact price.

In its order, the Customer is invited to ensure that the price of products to which it refers corresponds to the price listed on the update page of the site not on an outdated page on which it was accessed by internet search mode called "cache".

7. Delivery


The Customer must take care when ordering all fields in the delivery form, which coordinates its delivery while indicating a landline number or mobile phone. Neither Joju or the driver can not be held liable for impossibility of delivery due to inaccuracy or error in the delivery address.

The delivery times indicated during the confirmation of the order are calculated in working days.

If exceeded more than 15 days maximum delivery time (except in case of force majeure), the Customer may:

- Either notify the delay using the "contact" tab or at the following address: In this case, contact Joju transportation services to conduct an investigation that will not exceed 30 (thirty) days. After the investigation, if the package has not been located, the Customer will be refunded the amount of the order.

- Either cancel the order and request a refund, using the "contact" tab or at the following address: If receiving the package did not intervene before the notification date, Joju will refund the Customer the full amount of its costs control shipping included.

Joju disclaims any responsibility for the longer delivery times because of carrier.

If undeliverable day appointments because of inadequate information, difficulties of access or passage not previously reported by the Customer or the Customer is absent at the rendezvous in violation of commitments contact, new delivery costs will be charged by Joju, who will contact the Customer for payment of these new shipping before re-delivery of the product. In case of non-payment of fees, Joju reserves the right not to proceed with the delivery of the product. The risk of damage resulting from these constraints will also be borne by the Customer.

Except in cases of non-conformity or hidden defects, no complaint and / or subsequent reservations may be made by Joju after receipt of goods by the Customer (not withdrawal).

8. Right of withdrawal

Under Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a right to withdraw and to return products purchased on the site Joju for 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery they (the date of postmark).

Products must be returned in their packaging and in their original condition to the following address:


94, rue de la Haie Coq



Reimbursement will be made by the Customer automatic credit within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt by Joju of receipt of the application for revocation and subject to the return of the product.

The refund will include the price of items ordered by the customer. Shipping fees will only be reimbursed upon return of the entire order. The Customer will be refunded the cost of return, to the standard tariff, only if justified by a return nonconformity of the delivered products (or product error apparent defect).

Damaged products, incomplete, soiled or without the original packaging can not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

9. Limitation of Liability

Joju The company is subject to an obligation of means vis-à-vis the Customer.

It is expressly agreed that any disruption in the supply of the service for any reason whatsoever, any external intrusion or infection by computer virus, can not engage the responsibility of Joju.

In case of dissatisfaction from a customer for any reason whatsoever, he will not be entitled to any compensation other than reimbursement of his order.

10. Guarantees

After full payment of the order, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee of compliance and the guarantee against hidden defects in compliance with legal provisions of Articles L.211-1 to L.212-2 of the Consumer Code and Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.

1. In case of non-compliance

Joju must deliver products that comply with the contract and liable for defects of conformity existing upon delivery of products.

The action resulting from lack of conformity within 2 (two) years from the delivery of products.

Pursuant to the provisions in force in the L.211-9 articles and following of the Consumer Code, the Customer chooses between the repair and replacement of products.

If unable or manifestly disproportionate costs taking into account the value of products, Joju is not obliged to proceed according to the modality chosen by the Customer.

However, the Customer can make good and get refund the price or keep the property and to the return of part of the price when the conditions are met under Article L.211-10 of the Consumer Code is -to say if:

• The requested solution, proposed or agreed (repair or replacement) can be implemented in the period of 1 (one) month after the claim of the Customer,

• Or if that solution can be without significant inconvenience to the customer given the nature of the product and use that research.

The repayment of the products can only take place if the lack of conformity is minor.

2) In case of hidden defect

Joju is required to guarantee against hidden defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for use for which it was intended.

The action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two (2) years from the discovery of vice.

To invoke the legal guarantee, the Customer must notify Joju failure from its inception by sending an email to Customer Service with photographs to our contact form and sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to customer service.

The faceoff this legal guarantee assumes, first, that the conditions for return of products described above must be respected.

In the event that the Customer chooses the replacement of products under these legal guarantees, shipping of products traded are the responsibility of Joju.

3) Contract Security

Some products may give rise to a contractual guarantee.

This guarantee will be indicated on the description of the Product. No Customer may request to receive a warranty as detailed on the product file.

If a problem with a product, the Customer must keep the invoice sent by Joju and contact customer service.

Excluded from the warranty products modified or repaired by Customer or any person other than the supplier of the product.

11. Limitation of Liability

Joju can not be held liable for breach of the signed order, due to:

• a shortage or unavailability of the product;

• upon the occurrence of a force majeure event, including, without this list is not exhaustive, in case of total or partial strike of postal services, carriers, and disasters caused by floods or fires, as well as everything of force majeure, as defined in the case law of the French Supreme Court will exonerate completely Joju from liability;

• the use of the Internet, any inconvenience or damage inherent to it being totally outside the diligence and precautions taken by Joju. In particular, any disruption in the supply of the service or any external intrusion or presence of computer viruses, can not engage the responsibility of Joju.

12. Personal data and protection of privacy

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 "Informatique et Libertés", the Client has a right to access, correct and delete data concerning registered by

Under the Act of 6 January 1978, Joju made a simplified declaration and a commitment to comply with the said declaration to the CNIL under number 1844559.

Joju agrees not to disclose to third parties the information provided by the customer on the site. These are confidential. They will be used to reinforce and personalize the communication through electronic mail information.

Joju does not sell, do not sell and do not rent to third parties the personal data concerning the Customer.

The Customer may at any time contact Joju and oppose the use of their personal data recorded by Joju. For this just send a message via the contact page.

13. Cookies

The Customer is informed that the site employs the use of cookies. A cookie is a file stored on the hard disk of the Client PC. It aims to report a previous visit the Consumer on the site. Cookies are used by Joju that in order to personalize the service offered to its customers.

The Client retains the option to refuse cookies by configuring their Internet browser. They lose the ability to customize the service which is issued on

14. Deleting a Client Account

You may request deletion of your account by sending your request to:

Warning, if orders are in progress, the account will not be deleted until the last will not be closed.

15. Intellectual Property

The entire content of the site is protected by copyright law applicable in terms of law of designs, trademark law and unfair competition and parasitism.

JMC INVEST is and remains sole owner of the rights to exploit the intellectual property aspects of all elements of the website operated by JMC INVEST.

In no case the Customer or any other person is authorized to reproduce, use, repost or use in any way whatsoever, even partially, the aforementioned website elements.

Company names, trademarks and distinctive signs on the products site are protected by trademark law; reproduction or representation of all or part of these elements is strictly prohibited.

The trademarks, logos or graphics that JMC INVEST suppliers to use for the operation of the site are the property of their respective owners, they do not grant any license or right other than to consult the site.

Pursuant to Article L122-4 of the Code of Intellectual Property, any representation or reproduction not expressly authorized, or any use other than private, by any means whatsoever, constitutes an act of infringement sanctioned by law .

16. Force majeure

Neither party will have failed in its contractual obligations to the extent that their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or force majeure. Be considered fortuitous event or force majeure all facts or circumstances outside parties, unpredictable, irresistible, beyond the control of the parties and which can not be prevented by them, despite all the efforts reasonably possible.

The party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other by email within 10 (ten) business days following the date in becomes aware.

Both parties will then, within 30 (thirty) days, unless unable due to force majeure, to examine the impact of the event and agree the conditions under which the contract will be continued or Customer decides to terminate the contract.

Joju then undertakes to refund the sums paid within 30 (thirty) days of notification by registered mail or email of his will to terminate the contract.

17. Severability

The fact that any clause of the General Conditions becomes invalid, unenforceable, invalid, illegal or unenforceable due to a law, regulation or following a court decision, will not challenge the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms and shall not relieve the Customer from performing its contractual obligations.

18. Acceptance of the Customer

The fact that a non-professional buyer ordering on the website Joju implies acceptance and full acceptance of these Conditions of Sale, as expressly acknowledged by the Customer, who renounces in particular to take advantage of any contradictory document , which would be unenforceable against Joju.

19. Disputes

The parties agree that these Terms are subject to French law both for substantive rules that form. The language of this contract is the French language.

In case of dispute, the parties agree before any legal action to seek an amicable solution.

Any legal action shall be brought before the courts of PARIS.